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FREE issue 4

The Wieger interview, Cliché in Paris and much more.

For many people it is obvious that skateboarding can be an exciting and fun activity for both children and adults. While it's not as efficient as burning calories through running, skateboarding can still help you shed about 340 calories per hour, so it's worth adding it into your exercise routine. Doing tricks on a skateboard requires some physical skill, which in turn works several muscles. Most physical activities are good at alleviating anxiety, but skateboarding can be especially powerful. Part of the reason that skateboarding works as a stress reliever is because it allows you to free your mind, and doing tricks builds confidence. There are a lot of things you can get when you are skateboarding; you will just need a lot of discipline for it to workout. If you need help with your own website of blog, you can acquire website traffic to help you get started.




Shug Life

Master of afterbangs, Shug Duncan's love for skateboarding is like no other.

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